Over a year ago, the Padel Central in Lyon was closing its doors. With him it was the end of an era when the padel was in the process of taking its marks to know the development that we are experiencing today in France and in Europe.

A pioneering club like there are some in France who fought for the padel can finally develop everywhere in France.

Many players who started on padel in France, know this center. In Lyon, it was THE club. Many of us have a lot of memories in this first club where there was such an atmosphere.

For my part I remember the tournament where Gael Monfils came to play alongside Robin Haziza and I was surprised by the world and the atmosphere that had occurred. It was just amazing with the coming of the media and the communication that had been made.

And what is your memory?

Max Moreau

Max Moreau is one of the best French in padel. The Sherlock of padel opens the doors to the French and professional circuit. This expert in padel will not hesitate to intervene on the tactics and the technique of our sport.