No time for the French to rest. After playing the team finals at the Padel European Championships, head to Cordoba to play the pre-qualifying World Padel Tour tournament. Which French are engaged and what are their results on Sunday?

Not easy to link events especially when they are so intense. 5 French were engaged and 1 Belgian that we crossed also in Rome.

  • Johan Bergeron passes the first round easily on Sunday morning 6 / 0 6 / 1 before a defeat in the afternoon with his partner Mario Cerezo Casado against Simon Vasquez and Cayetano Rocafort 6 / 3 6 / 3.
  • Maxime Moreau and Alejandro Urzola Abad, after a diffcult match in 3 sets, abandon the Andalusian city 5 / 7 6 / 3 6 / 4.
  • Benjamin Tison and Adrien Maigret declare forfeit
  • Thomas Deschamps, the Belgian, passes his first round before losing against Jaime Menéndez and Francisco Jurado 6 / 0 6 / 2.
  • Jérémy Scatena and Willy Lahoz were among the seeded players. They started in the afternoon. Victory 6 / 4 7 / 5. They will play today 11h for a possible release of table.

In the girls several pairs engaged with the appearance of a new pair 100% French. Beginning of hostilities on Tuesday.

  • Laura Clergue and Barbara Las Heras Monterde will play on Tuesday at 11h.
  • Mélissa Martin and Fiona Ligi will share the track on Monday with another Frenchwoman, Léa Godallier, and her partner Carmén García Pardo.
  • Alix Collombon and Nicole Traviesa will enter the final table on Wednesday 18h against Melania Merino Saez and Esther Carnicero Martín.

Julien Bondia

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