Let's go for the round of XNUMX at the French Championship of padel 2021, with some very nice posters this afternoon!

The round of 7 has just ended in Cabriès, with the victory of Boitier Legourd / Fontaine against Pironneau / Clément. The seeded 4 will have been very hot, it wins 6/6 4/7 6/XNUMX!

The favorites did the job this morning and it's quite logical that we find the best pairs this afternoon.

We start with a very nice poster to start the live: Boissé / Le Panse (TS4) vs Fouré / Garcia (TS9). 

This meeting will be immediately followed by the most tantalizing match of the day: Blanqué / Leygue vs Inzerillo / Moreau !

To follow the meetings, it's just below:

To find the tables, the programming of this Friday afternoon, and the updates of the results, it is by HERE !

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