Like last year, RC Polo Barcelona, ​​which celebrates its 125th anniversary, wins the double at the Spanish Team Championship padel !

This is simply the perfect scenario for RC Polo Barcelona! The club which received the 38th Spanish Championships by teams of the first category retains the two trophies. Quite simply the best way to celebrate the club's 125th anniversary!

Big favorite of the competition, the Catalan club got everyone in agreement on the slopes. Among the ladies, it is quite simply a 5/0 that the Polo players inflicted on the Club de Tenis Chamartin!

  • Salazar/Triay beat Collombon/Rufo 6/1 7/6
  • Sanchez/Sainz beats Bidahorria/Talavan 6/4 6/2
  • Llaguno/Ortega beats Dominguez/Tenorio 6/3 6/4
  • Amatrian/Clasca beats Garcia/Pujals 6/4 6/1
  • Gomis/Rovira beats Grandes/Hermida 6/1 3/6 6/4

Among the men, El Peru Caceres Wellness will have managed to save the honor by winning a match against the Barcelona armada. A prestigious victory for the usual teammate of the Frenchman Ben Tison, Teo Zapata, and Jose Antonio Garcia Diestro. Indeed, the Spaniards dominated Agustin Tapia and Maxi Sanchez! Despite this, it was Polo who won 4-1 and retained the trophy.

  • Belasteguin/A.Ruiz defeats Gil/Silingo 7/6 6/3
  • Nieto/Rico beats Belluati/Moyano 6/2 6/7 6/2
  • Diestro/Zapata beats Sanchez/Tapia 6/1 6/4
  • J.Ruiz/Rico beats Piñeiro/Melon 6/1 6/2
  • Bueno/Quilez beats Patiniotis/Valdes 6/1 6/2

All competition results HERE.

From now on, all these beautiful people will take the direction of Galicia, where the World Padel Tour Vigo Open!

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