The national coaches and captains of the men's and women's France teams had a rendezvous in Paris this weekend of 28 September. Last adjustments of the list of selected, list that will be made this Tuesday at the FFT. Overview of those who can claim a selection in the national team.

The European Championships are fast approaching (from November 4 to 9) and with this in mind, the national coaches Alexis Salles and Patrick Fouquet were, this weekend, on the side of Casa Padel, in Saint-Denis (Île-de-France) to put an end to the list of players and players who will defend the French colors during the next tournaments.

The finalists, men and women, from the recent championships in France are automatically selected. On the men's side, four tickets out of eight are already reserved for Johan Bergeron, Bastien Blanqué, Adrien Maigret and Benjamin Tison. On the women's side, the first places will go to Alix Collombon, Jessica Ginier, Léa Godallier and Mélissa Martin.

It remains, for each selections, still four places to take. Logically, among girls, it will be difficult to do without Laura Clergue, 74e in the world rankings. For the remaining three places, the debates are much more open, and Padel Magazine indulge in the games of predictions.

In women, seven almost safe, who will be the 8e?

New faces could quickly appear in Team France. Charlotte Soubrié and Marianne Vandaele, winners of the P1000 of the PadelPro Cup, hope to be part of the trip. Small indiscretion: Alexis Salles recently “liked” several publications related to this duo. Is this a clue?

On the other hand, it seems complicated for Mai Vo, who was part of the mid-season rally, to claim a place in Team France. Just back from injury, the player suffered a lot during the French championships, having even a big warning during her last match against Alix Collombon and Jessica Ginier.

With the seven mentioned above, there would remain only one place. This would cause the coach to break a pair up. Audrey Casanova could take the ultimate ticket in the France group. She was present at the mid-season gathering and she knows the Blue House well. In addition, she shared the court with Laura Clergue before leaving for Spain. She leaves with a step ahead.

Géraldine Sorel and Amélie Feaugas would therefore remain at the docks. But Patrick Fouquet remains open to the arrival of players recently arrived on the circuit and with satisfactory results.

A huge range of possibilities in men

Same problem in men. Potentially, the other places could be promised to the duo Robin Haziza / Jérémy Scatena, who would bring their experience. Logically, Maxime Moreau should also be part of the team.

But by the admission of Patrick Fouquet, surprises are not excluded and newcomers could also make their appearance under the jersey struck cock, both women than men. "We have a lot of players who have arrived on the circuit and who play very very well" the national coach let go.

And it is Mathieu Lapouge who could find himself in the balance with several players who have emerged this season. Before the tournament, François Authier (French n ° 11) explained that he dreamed of his 1st selection for the French team. The Lyonnais, currently in a good dynamic, saw his French championships stop in the quarterfinals. This bodes well for the player who achieves his goal but does not intend to stop there. He recently engaged the services of a personal physical trainer to compete with the gratin of the padel.

Is Alexis Salles preparing a huge surprise?

Same for Simon Boissé, who felt, after his defeat, "only have 4 or 5% chance to be called in France team ". However, the points finisher will have the opportunity to show himself at the highest level by benefiting, with his friend Loic Le Panse, from a wild-card for the Challenger World Padel Tour at Casa Padel (St Denis). And why not score a few points in the minds of the coaches.

There is a possibility still not mentioned, unlikely but far from impossible: select the young Thomas Leygue (17 years), called to defend the colors of France at the U18 World Championship to be held from 14 to 20 October 2019. This would be a real bet on the future from Alexis Salles. But the young player, who thinks strongly to join Spain to meet the requirements of the highest level, already demonstrates certain qualities, although still a little tender for major events. A selection would allow him to continue his progress and to make his mark in the group France, which he will probably come to know.

And then we have the young Lilian Fouré. He is certainly one of the players who has made the most progress in recent years. Passionate and armed with a smash that could make a fade more than one, if he continues to progress well, he could also knock on the door of the France team. Maybe still a little too fickle today to hope for a qualification in the France team. But this young player 22 years has all the potential to become a member of the team France.

Finally, remember that Alexis Salles and Patrick Fouquet are not stingy in surprises. For the selection of Team France Junior members, the two coaches did not hesitate to break many pairs to form their group.

The two captains must make their selection to the French Tennis Federation this Tuesday November 1er.

Predictions of Padel Magazine :

In women: Alix Collombon (ARA) *, Jessica Ginier (ARA) *, Léa Godallier (NAQ) *, Mélissa Martin (NAQ) *, Laura Clergue, Charlotte Soubrié (OCC), Marianne Vandaele (OCC), Audrey Casanova ( PCA)

In men: Bastien Blanqué (ARA) *, Johan Bergeron (ARA) *, Adrien Maigret (IDF) *, Benjamin Tison (IDF) *, Robin Haziza (PCA), Jeremy Scatena (PCA), Maxime Moreau, Thomas Leygue

Legend: players with a * are automatically selected.

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