French captains and coaches Alexis Salles and Patrick Fouquet took advantage of the last French championships to observe for one last time the players and players who will join the French team. Objective: to be ready to compete in the European Championships with the best possible weapons.

With the European championships looming, Alexis Salles and Patrick Fouquet, respectively captain of the French men's team and captain of the French women's team, are prompt to submit the final list of players and players who will join the France group.

Exclusively, Padel Magazine was able to ask some questions to the two breeders about the important points that allowed them to make their choices. We learn for example that players in Spain will not necessarily have a right.

The two captains also announce that, in addition to the selected officials because of their participation in the semi-finals of the French Championships, Team France could see new faces. Surprises are not to be excluded.

Adrien Pittore

A journalist by training, I fell into the padel In Lyon. Since then, I have become a real fan of the sport. And like all self-respecting players, I'm a fan of Padel Magazine. My goal: to provide you with national and international news in this sport, but not only… Prepare for surprises every year!