Blanque / Bergeron against Maigret / Tison. Two pairs fit, who will try everything, this Sunday 29 September, to win and win the Paris leg of the championship of France. A victory that would be a feat for both duos.

A little earlier in the evening, we announced that the locals of the stage, Adrien Maigret and Benjamin Tison were the first two to qualify for the grand final of the French championship of padel. They were joined, a little later, by the duo Bastien Blanque and Johan Bergeron.

The latter won in the semifinals in two sets (6 / 2, 6 / 1) against the pair Jérémy Ritz / Justin Lopez. The march was still too big for the second duo, despite a combativity foolproof. It will be up to them to get an 3e place, how important to determine who can claim a selection in Team France.

For their part, Adrien Maigret and Benjamin Tison are keen to win this stage, they who had imposed themselves in Strasbourg. They would then equal the record of distinctions held by the same French pair (3). A record held by ... Bastien Blanque and Johan Bergeron.

For their part, those who occupy high places in the French standings will also try to win to establish a new record: that of victory in a row at the championship of France.

In short, the game not to miss!


Interview with Bastien Blanque and Johan Bergeron after qualifying for the final:


Matches for the 3th place: 11h
Men's Finals: from 14h30

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