Charlotte Gabas, a true regular at padel, is part of Team Bleu Laura Clergue. She told us about theAll Star Remontada Padel.

Regularly practice padel to continue to progress

The first time I played padel, it was in 2015 in Spain, at the Madrid tennis tournament.

Regarding my current practice, I don't train enough. I would really like to play a lot more regularly but I find it a bit difficult with my schedule. Since the opening of the slopes at Aquaboulevard, we have been able to train more because it is right next to our Canal + offices. I try to play once a week, but it's not always easy.

When I'm in the south, I play a lot with my brother and my sister-in-law who are crazy about padel.

A desire to play tournaments to gauge your level

I would like to do more tournaments, I am appealing to people who would like to do them with me. I would like to be able to better gauge my level of play. I feel that I am progressing but I would really like to move on, particularly in defense. I still have progress to make, especially with the double windows, it's a bit panicking!

Tournaments are the best way to progress in padel. I did a P250 with my brother, the level was really too high, but it was a great experience, I understood a lot of things on the ground.

Continue learning with your captain Laura Clergue

We work together on Canal +, it's great to have him with us. She gave me some advice and asked me to be sure of my shots, not to take any risks. To often use my backhand volley, which she finds rather good.

charlotte gabas
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