Focus on Charlotte Soubrié, the current 180th player in the FIP ranking, and number 7 in the French ranking.

His debut in the padel

“I started on padel in 2018. The first time it was in my club, Stade Toulousain, which was invited to participate in the Open de padel which was held at Place du Capitole. I played the women's tournament with Marylin Lafouresse and then we participated in a few competitions together.

During the My Padel Tour, a discussion with the coach at the time Patrick Fouquet motivated me to play tournaments outside the region. This is how I began my association with Marianne Vandaele, who was already international. We had good results, we managed to get the selection together, in Rome, during the 2019 European Championships.”

A new stage with Lucile Pothier

“After these two years with Marianne, I moved to the right with Élodie Invernon, then I moved back to the left with Carla Touly last year, and this year with Lucile Pothier. Our association got off to a good start with a Urban P2000 titlePadel Carquefou. Then we made a final together at the Interclubs with Stade Toulousain, then a quarter-final in Italy, and here we come back from Barcelona where unfortunately we lost in eighth (6/3 6/3) against Ana Varo (80) and Amanda Girdo (109).”

“We are happy to have won our first P2000 together and to have participated in FIP. We currently have a small problem, which is that we have two objectives that are not necessarily compatible: to improve on the international circuit by doing FIP as soon as we can free ourselves professionally, but also to play on the French circuit. ”

Pothier Soubrié title P2000 Carquefou 2024

What are the goals this season?

“We want to both do well on the national circuit but also improve at international level. There we made the choice to go to the FIP in Barcelona rather than the P2000 in Caen to both gain experience. If the two competitions had not taken place at the same time, we would also have done the P2000.

We want to perform in France, during the French Championships in particular and climb the FIP ranking, which would allow us to participate in the P2 in Bordeaux and Roland-Garros.

The objective is of course to be selected for the French team for the European and World Championships.”

“With tournaments like Roland-Garros, where I had the chance to play last year or during the World Padel Tour of Toulouse where I was able to play in front of my friends and family, it makes you want to get involved to be able to relive moments like that.”

His worst memory padel

“The World Championship in Dubai, when we lost against Belgium. Really, it was terrible. When you represent France – which is something that is very close to my heart – losing a match like that hurts a lot. It took me a long time to get over it. For two weeks, I didn't leave the house except to go to work. We have to improve to prevent moments like this from happening again.”

His best moments padel

“My first selection, the first time I was able to wear this blue jersey, hear the Marseillaise… These are very strong emotions, I love this feeling of representing my country.”

“When I won my first P2000, it was last year with Carla Touly in Toulouse, in front of all my friends and family. We came out of a match lost in three sets in qualifying at Roland-Garros which had given us two or three sleepless nights, and we managed to bounce back with this victory!”

“There was also this first French Champion title with Stade Toulousain, it's my favorite club, my forever club, and winning the very first Interclubs and bringing the trophy home, it was a moment exceptional."

“The final against Spain during the European Championship in Marbella… The victory with Alix against Italy in Doha, the Senior World Championships Plus in Alicante where we won the gold medal with Mélanie in the Open, it was incredible, the silver medal in the nations competition, it remains an incredible memory. Finally, I have lots of excellent memories thanks to padel ! "

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