A few hours before the start of the season for Fede Chiostri and Gonzalo Alfonso, the number ones take stock of their goals, the competition, the new players of theAPT Padel Tour, and explain their plan to keep their place of n°1 in the ranking!

Ready for the challenge

APT Padel Tour: You finished n°1 in the ranking in pairs, and Fede also in individual, what are your objectives for this year?

Chiostri: "The truth is that our objective at the start is always the same: to be among the first 4 pairs, and to qualify for the final of the Master Final. We finished the year at the top of the standings and we want to challenge ourselves to keep it, a task that will not be easy as the circuit becomes more and more competitive. This year is going to be different for us, we are the number one pair in the standings and everyone wants this place! We are aware of the excellent year we have had and we are very happy about it.”

Alfonso : “The objective is clearly to maintain the number 1 ranking as a pair. We know that this is one of the most complex challenges we can set ourselves and for this it will be necessary to win as many tournaments as possible as we did last season. Being in this position comes with added pressure knowing that each pair will give 200% to beat us, but we are up for the challenge.”

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A homogeneous circuit

APT Padel Tour: How do you see the battle for number 1 this year with known rivals like Arce and Dal Bianco, Julianoti and Quiles… and new ones like Allemandi/Pérez or Ramos/Restivo?

Alfonso: "The competition we will have this year will be very tough. The growth of the circuit goes hand in hand with the quality of the players who join it and others who were there from the beginning and continue to progress. Everyone now knows that we must not stagnate, and that the only recipe is to work tirelessly to continue to improve. For this season, new pairs that promise a lot have joined the APT and they will make the circuit a real show.”

Cloisters : “Yes, this year the circuit is going to be very homogeneous and difficult at all levels. Several pairs will fight for this place and with the new players, it will be a very good competition. It will push us all to the limit because the season is very long and tiring. The physical and mental aspect will be fundamental. For our part, we will give everything to be able to continue to maintain this position of which we are so proud.

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A perfect pre-season

APT Padel Tour: How was your pre-season and what aspects of the game did you work on the most?

Cloisters: “We have had an unbeatable pre-season and we come to the start of the competition in the best possible shape. Gonza has joined the team I've worked with for many years and he's fitted in beautifully. We have worked on some details that I think will allow us to take a leap forward in terms of quality. We are very happy with the work we are doing, we know that we are ready to achieve our goals.”

Alfonso :“The truth is that we are very happy with the pre-season we have had with Fede in La Plata under Seba Mocoroa from a tactical/technical point of view, and Javi Blanco from a physical point of view. It's the first time I've been able to do a pre-season there with Fede. The most important thing was to have done it in its entirety and both without any injuries. We are therefore in the best conditions for the start of the season.”

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New weapons

APT Padel Tour: The Chiostri-Alfonso duo is one of the most attractive in the APT, what style will you follow this year? Did you work something new to surprise in your game?

Alfonso: “Our style is very particular and we have an essence in our game that we are not going to lose because luckily it has given us great results. We are still continuing to tweak the details as the room for improvement is huge. In my case, you may see me with new shots that I try to incorporate to be more complete because this is what the requirements of the circuit require: to have all the weapons to face all types of opponents and in different conditions. One aspect that made me very satisfied was the physical work we did. It is the key to every pre-season because it is the basis to be strong throughout the year.

Cloisters: “Our style will remain the same, but with a few additions that we have been able to make through our joint training. But our DNA on the pitch will be the same because luckily it worked out well for us. Despite this, we know that we must continue to add elements to our pair so that it is more and more consistent, and that it can withstand all types of opponents.

source: APT Padel Tour

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