Federico Chiostri and Gonzalo Alfonso win the Lisbon Open de l 'APT Padel Tour ! Argentines beat Flores and Julianoti a double 6/4, and consolidate their position as No. 1.

Argentina 1-0 Brazil

The start of the match is spectacular. We see very beautiful exchanges which entertain the spectators of the Lisbon Racket Center. Flores and Julianoti are in the lead. 2/1

In the sixth game, the Brazilians offer two break points, but the Argentines tighten the game and equalize 3/3.

On the next game, Federico Chiostri and Gonzalo Alfonso raise their level of play and take a break. Fede Chiostri out the ball by 4 on a golden point anthology! 4/3

Flores and Julianoti do not want to let their opponents escape. They make the effort to hold the next game. 4/4

The energy debauchery of Argentines on the previous game costs them a new break. Chiostri and Alfonso serve for the first set. 5/4

It is very difficult to conclude sets on serve, and even more so in a final. In difficulty at 0/30, Alfonso released an incredible defense with a blow played behind the back that will undoubtedly go around the world. This point gives the Argentines the strength to go and conclude the set! 6/4

“Argentina 1, Brazil 0”, spear Oscar Solé to the comments of the match with Fede Quiles.

chiostri alfonso lisboa open champions

Solidity in the show

From the first game of the second set, Chiostri / Alfonso made the first break. The psychological blow is strong for the Brazilians who struggle to react. 2/0

In the fifth game, Flores / Julianoti saves a punto de oro, and continues to believe in his chances in this final. Chiostri gets annoyed. 3/2

The Brazilians are well and truly back! They get two break-balls and blow up the Argentines on the punto de oro! Nothing is played: Flores and Julianoti will not give a gift. 3/3

Federico Chiostri and Gonzalo Alfonso came to win, and also to show that they are No. 1. They raise the level a little more to get a new station wagon, despite a very good level of play from the Brazilians. The next game is a formality. 5/3

Flores and Julianoti give themselves a break, but the Argentines will serve to win the Lisbon Open. 5 / 4

Chiostri and Alfonso caress the title. No drop in performance in this last game. The Argentines are crowned champions in Portugal! 6/4

Alfonso : "We are very happy. They clearly have the level to be # 1. We are quite tired, but no injury for us. Lots of games and adrenaline. But here we are, and we are not going to give up! “

Cloisters: “We have been able to be very attentive to our service games. We keep our confidence, and we hope we can continue to do so. ”

No respite for the Argentines who will put their crown on the line tomorrow, with the Master of Portugal.

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