Tennis Soleil, the Beausoleil sports club with its current 2 paddle courts is currently being revamped. Focus on a club that enters a new dimension with new facilities and a strong ambition. Christian Collange, the manager of the Beausoleil club tells us everything.

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Tennis Soleil will soon propose new installations. What is it exactly?

Tennis / Padel Soleil is modernized and revamped with changing rooms, sauna, fitness room, tennis proshop and padel, club house bar, TV lounge and special "children" area. We already proposed a quality site ... But with these new facilities, we clearly enter another dimension.


The padel that we were already proposing is also modern with 2 covered panoramic padel and outdoor 2 grounds

Everything will be finished by the end of August and the beginning of the WORLD PADEL TOUR (note: The Monte Carlo Padel Master).

Nito BreaBeyond the facilities, Tennis / Padel Soleil will offer new educational services?

Indeed, with these new equipment, we will propose a new way to teach sports, especially the padel. We want to become an important platform of the French padel, if not the most important. We are going to put in place things never done before with the controls of the legends of the world padel.

From the beginning, a padel academy of very high level will be set up with 2 essential names of the international padel: NITO BREA (Coach of the Argentine team / Director of the Monte Carlo Padel Master) and GABY RECA (Current top 20 world) .

Normally the academy should be operational after the Monte Carlo Padel Master.

This academy will only be dedicated to the level?

Absolutely not. Certainly, we want to set up a training center with very good paddle players and why not possible professional players in the medium term.

But the academy will actually deliver 3 types of trainings:

  • A leisure / discovery training
  • Competition training
  • High level competition training

We will also have:

  • A padel school for children
  • A training center for adults
  • A team competition for high level and national teams
  • Lessons with qualified trainers
  • Training of teachers and coaches
  • Organization of official and friendly tournaments, local, national and international
  • A specific physical preparation padel

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.