Christophe Lesage, the founding director of the National Tennis Cup and National Padel Cup, was visiting the Pyramides club for the P2000. He answers questions from Franck Binisti.

Adapt despite the circumstances

“A difficult year with the cancellation of a hundred qualifying phases because of the covid. The state of mind of the National Tennis Cup is to play with a welcome, a service, friendliness, a drink with your opponent ... Better not to organize than badly to organize. ”

The National Padel Return cup

"The Padel Cup suffered the same fate as the Tennis Cup. Qualifications have been canceled. Padel even took longer than tennis to pick up. In a few days we will know if we can organize the final stages of our tournaments. If we have the authorization, there will be P100s, P200s and P500s. The P100 will be open to all participants of the National Tennis Cup. The P500 will be open to everyone. “

Christophe Lesage, padel player

“I play modestly. As a former good tennis player, but at a ridiculous level compared to good padel players. It's a different sport. Fortunately, in a very short time, we are not as strong as the real padel players, otherwise it would not be fair. ”

French padel in development

“The French level is improving day by day. There are more and more players, but we are still far from countries like Spain where the level is much higher. But we are making progress: the number of sites is increasing every week. It's pretty positive. ”

“Padel today is a sport that has its place, and one that must not be opposed to tennis. In tennis clubs, building padel courts provides club members with additional leisure. You can play both sports, or just one of the two. We must not oppose them. We must help the clubs to energize, to find ideas. We must make sure that the members do not only come to spend an hour, but come to spend the day in the tennis club, with a sporting atmosphere. Padel is part of this development. ”

We will therefore find the National Tennis Cup du 25 31 in October, With the P500 padel from October 29 to 31.

Lorenzo Lecci López

By his names, we can guess his Spanish and Italian origins. Lorenzo is a polyglot passionate about sport: journalism by vocation and events by adoration are his two legs. Its ambition is to cover the biggest sporting events (Olympics and Worlds). He is interested in the padel situation in France, and offers perspectives for optimal development.