It's been official for two weeks now : the men's world top 8 and the women's number 1 will not compete in the Betclic Bordeaux P2 (June 9-16). News which had the effect of a bomb, both for the organizers and for the local public. Has the Gironde stage therefore lost all its interest? Certainly not, and here’s why in five points.

1) Because a major tournament in France cannot be refused

NOVELTY PADEL ARENA Bordeaux Premier Padel 2024

Interest in padel is growing day by day, and our country is no exception. After hosting two different tournaments for two years (World Padel Tour in Toulouse and Premier Padel in Paris), France now has two stages on the only international circuit. Exit the WPT in Occitania, and time for a brand new competition on the banks of the Garonne. It will serve as a first test before Roland-Garros for the French (September 30 – October 6), but also as a final rehearsal before the second Major of the season in Rome (June 17 – 23). A privilege that any fan of “ bandejas » must not be missed.

2) Because the men's table has never been so open

Javi Garrido Mike Yanguas Brussels Open

In the absence of the four best pairs in the ranking, the usual outsiders will be able to shine the spotlight. Who will be crowned in Aquitaine? Difficult to say, but what is certain is that the suspense will be complete from start to finish, and that we will witness a first. Note the presence of Yanguas / Garrido (TS2, in picture), Gonzalez / Ruiz (TS3) or Sanchez / Gutierrez (TS4). But it’s another pair who will be seeded number 1…

3) Because King Bela wants to give himself a new crown

Mar Del Plata P1

At the end of 2024, the padel will experience a historic moment with the retirement of Fernando Belasteguin. After more than thirty years at the highest level, the best player of all time will bow out at the end of this exercise. But before leaving, the 45-year-old Argentinian wants to add yet another trophy to his gallery and beat the record of Willy Lahoz, the oldest player to have been crowned. It was in 2015, and the Spaniard, then 44 years old, was playing with… Bela! But back to our point: this P2 could well be the last chance of a title for the “King” who will form with Juan Tello the number 1 seed. Enough to win the jackpot? Answer in a few days.

4) Because the best female pair from the start of the season will be there

Brea Gonzalez Asuncion P2 2024

Among the ladies, all eyes will be on Bea Gonzalez et Delfina Brea. Contrary to Paula Josemaria / Ariana Sanchez, the Spanish-Argentinian duo has not missed the mark and wants to relaunch following his early elimination in Santiago. In the sights: a fifth cup this season after Puerto Cabello, Brussels, Seville and Asunción. Their main rivals will be Gemma Triay et Claudia fernandez, the recent Chilean P1 champions.

[UPDATE] The numbers 2 finally decided to skip the competition. In fact, the women's table looks almost as open as the men's table. Who will we find in the last four?

5) Because a former number 1 is going to make a comeback!

Marta Marrero return June burgundy

The Bordeaux tournament will have a particular flavor for Marta Marrero. The former world number 1, absent from the slopes for a year and a half on maternity leave, will make her debut on the Premier Padel with his brand new partner Aranzazu Osoro. A return which will obviously be scrutinized by fans of padel of the whole world !

Another player who recently gave birth will also be back in Gironde! Indeed, the French number 2 Léa Godallier will play the previas alongside her compatriot Charlotte Soubrié. What level can we expect from the Tahitian? Answer this weekend!

Betclic Bordeaux Premier Padel P2 – from June 9 to 16, 2024 at the Arkéa Arena. More information on the official website.

It was through his father that Auxence discovered the padel, one evening in June 2018. Today, he passionately follows the international circuit and teases the pala in his training club, Toulouse Padel Club. You can also find it on La Feuille de Match and, two specialist media on Toulouse Football Club.