A few days ago, we told you about 4 separations on the women's circuit. Last Saturday, another pair announced their separation: Cata Tenorio and Ana Catarina Nogueira.

5 new pairs on the program!

Both players have published on social networks in a very mature way the end of their collaboration two weeks before the start of the first World Padel Tour of the year. They explain that the magic did not work and made the decision to take different paths.

Since, Tenorio tasting a announced to reform team with another Argentinian player, Julieta Bidahorria. These two players already know each other very well as they shared several tournaments together last year.

On the side of the Portuguese player, Ana Catarina Nogueira, she also communicated the name of her new partner who is none other than: Teresa Navarro. A pair that should be very solid and will be seeded number 8 in the first tournament of the season!

These four players are training at the Brunete club under the orders of Gaby Reca for Tenorio, Bidahorria and Nogueira, and Rodrigo Ovide for Navarro. It is therefore a fairly logical choice because they will be able to continue to train together.

Among the other players who had split up, Celeste Paz will form a team Sara Ruiz Soto. We already told you thatAngela Caro Cantin came back with Nuria Rodriguez. At last, Esther Carnicero will play with Brazilian Raquel Piltcher, who found herself alone. Indeed, her compatriot Manuela Schuck, with whom she was to start 2021, is stranded in Brazil due to the pandemic.

Esther Carnicero Raquel Piltcher 2021 World Padel Tour

5 new pairs for the Madrid Open

Here are the 5 new pairs that we will see at Adeslas Open de Madrid :

  • Teresa Navarro (25 WPT) / Ana Catarina Nogueira (13 WPT)
  • Raquel Piltrcher (33 WPT) / Esther Carnicero (35 WPT)
  • Cata Tenorio (27 WPT) / Julieta Bidahorria (59 WPT)
  • Angela Caro Cantin (48 WPT) / Nuria Rodriguez (46 WPT)
  • Celeste Paz (36 WPT) / Sara Ruiz Soto (57 WPT)

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