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uPadel.net and Padelmagazine today offer you a tactical aspect of padel for players on the left (reverse side).

A classic and natural sequence ....

  • A service towards the side wall putting the receiver in a delicate situation. The return to the center down is then expected
  • A first volley of forehand on the same player, rather in the center, to continue to destabilize ... ..
  • A bandeja or vivora towards the angle always on the same player forcing him to play in an increasingly uncomfortable position….
  • A deep uncrossed volley and a little more aggressive on the player positioned in front ....
  • Then three possible options: a smatch at the side grid if the lob is deep enough or a strong smatch at the feet of one of the defenders or a par 3 or par 4 if the lob is short

Simple and efficient.

See you soon.

Pierre Lamouré


Pierre Lamouré

Pierre Lamouré is one of the technical pillars of Padel Magazine. The founder of Upadel.net, regularly offers you technical and tactical topics around padel. A question ? A demand ? do not hesitate to contact him at pierrelamoure @padelmagazine.fr