About me

I am Clement Oudart, columnist Health for Padel Magazine. Everyday I work as a physiotherapist in Kine Kleber in Paris and I also take care of the French Table Tennis Federation.

From a young age I practice tennis, and since 2016 I practice very regularly the new small yellow ball.

For those interested, here is my background and the different formations I took part in.

Why this section?

The purpose of this section is to bring my skills to inform readers of the various pathologies related to the practice of Padel.

Sometimes some players do not know or understand what is happening to them.

Through these articles "health" I hope humbly can give you useful information, concrete and always related to science.

To help you understand these pathologies I will use the current literature and I will have the support of different colleagues to be as objective as possible.

Here is the list of topics I want to discuss:

  • What injuries to Padel ?
  • From tennis to Padel, how to get hurt in one lesson
  • Prevention ... what?
  • Shoulder problems at Padel
  • "Tendinitis"? … No, Tendinopathy!
  • Knee jumper or patellar tendinopathy
  • Hip problems
  • A sprained ankle
  • Elbow problems
  • Muscle injury
  • Warm up and return to calm
  • Strapp, tape, K-tape and other curiosities

This list is not static, if some of you have ideas, please let them know.

Clement Oudart

Clément Oudard is our medical expert. Physiotherapist and passionate about padel, Clément lets you learn about how to train off the pitch… And we know how important it is to last in sport.