The Tennis Open Padel Soleil in Beausoleil has delivered its verdict. In the ladies, the big favorites of the table, Audrey Casanova and Laura Clergue won. For the men, the Fabrice Pastor / Andoni Bardasco pair managed to win the Open.

Fabrice PASTOR, master at home.

Back on this first big Open at Tennis Padel Soleil.

It begins on the weekend of November 26/27 with the pre-qualifications which allowed to know the six teams qualified for the final men's table of the WE of December 3 and 4.

The Dames table, meanwhile, if it only gathered 5 teams, proposed what is best in France with the champions and vice-champions of France, the vice-champions of Europe team and the players who represented France at the team world championship in Portugal. Recall that France is the 9e world nation.

In gentlemen, if there were no surprises in 8st final, the games in the quarter-finals were more hooked.

In the semi-finals, the number 2, composed of Jérémy RITZ (vice-champion of France) and Max MOREAU (French N ° 3), both members of the French team who took part in the world championships in Portugal, did not have too much trouble getting rid of the David-Grandmont pair.

 It was not the same for the number 1, composed of Fabrice PASTOR and Andoni BARDASCO (N ° 30 world) who had a lot to do to get rid of the Pair Sebastien CORBELLI (ex N ° 4 French) and Laurent BENSADOUN (vice champion of France and member of the France team).

Indeed in the 1er set, each team wins its service up to 4 everywhere and after several advantages, the team PASTOR / BARDASCO breake and wins the 1ages 6 / 4 handle.

The CORBELLI / BENSADOUN pair attacks the 2st set the bite between the teeth until lead 5 / 4 but unfortunately can not manage to win this second set and bow with the honors after shaking the seeded team No. 1.

The final is opposed by 2 seeded PASTOR / BARDASCO against RITZ / MOREAU.

The RITZ-MOREAU team gets off to a bad start by being an entry breaker and running throughout the 1er set after the score to bow 6 / 2.
But it is bad knowing these two competitors who start the 2st set, drum beating, to detach quickly, taking advantage of a drop in their opponents and winning the second round 6/3.

Stung by PASTOR / BARDASCO, do not hear it that way and decide to accelerate at the beginning of the 3st set to quickly lead 3/0; BARDASCO gratifying, then, the public present of strokes of genius, not hesitating to go out to recover balls and to finish the points with a master hand.

Although able to score two games and to fight on all the balls, the pair RITZ / MOREAUX

will not be able to go up this handicap and the final victory will thus return to the BARDASCO / PASTOR team (which thus remains master at home).

The champions of France pass

La 1ages semi-final, opposing CLERGUE / CASANOVA to the pair BENSADOUN / MELANIE was too unbalanced to create a surprise.

In the other semi-final, the SOREL / GODARD pair were opposed to an unprecedented but particularly dangerous French pair: PIRONNEAU / MEITES.

The experience and the relations on the pitch between SOREL and GODARD made the difference against offensive players. But it was not enough. PIRONNEAU / MEITES falls on the score of 6/4 6/4.

The final therefore opposes the two best French pairs of padel : SOREL GODARD Vs CLERGUE: CASANOVA. Another confrontation between these two pairs who know each other very well. We already remember that at the National Padel Cup at the end of October, the 2016 French champions did not go far from being surprised by SOREL / GODARD. We could therefore expect a balanced match… and it was!

Despite a beginning of 1er balanced set, the balance ends up leaning on the side of the SOREL / GODARD pair who succeeds in breaking and winning 6 / 4 in the first set.

In the second set, the champions of France regain strength to breaker and lead 3 / 2. But the will of SOREL / GODARD allows them to return to 4 / 5 service to follow. The second set ends with a tie-break and won by French numbers.

1 set everywhere. We are preparing for an 3e explosive set but Sandy GODARD injured her calf and had to abdicate.

Bernard Marin

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.