Before the little three-week South American tour, let's take the time to see what happened in beautiful Seville, the Andalusian, known in particular for its ferias absolutely splendid.

Seasonal temperatures with 28°, clear skies and here we are sitting in the stands in a…football stadium! But I assure you it's good to compete in this sixth stage of the circuit Premier Padel !

Between the new faces that we thought would be ephemeral and the "old guys" who don't want to give up their place, those who play "at home" and who are necessarily the darlings of the public, the new little refereeing problems... we were entitled to to a superb tournament full of… surprises!

As usual, “Coach Zorrus” offers us his analysis of the tournament.

The point of the tournament

There were a few (among the girls as well as the boys) and my hesitation was long...but I let myself be fooled by the pinwheel by Ale Galan, this famous spinning back volley that I will never get tired of!

The red card

No players this week in one of my favorite sections but rather the refereeing which is seriously starting to annoy more than one! We need to get our act together before this really goes to hell...

A small example here:


  1. Sanchez / Josemaria certainly in the final, but I don't really know what to say or think about it...
  2. Coello / Tapia beaten for the second time by “Chingalan”: this is getting interesting!
  3. Salazar / Icardo, defeat in the semi-final after leading 5/0 and obtaining four match points: I'm sick for the “Reina”!
  4. Ortega / Virseda, defeat in the quarter-finals: more than a defeat, it is the score and the manner which worries…


  1. Despite the defeat in the final, we found our “Superpibes”: what a pleasure to see the great Martin Di Nenno again, that promises!
  2. The Zapata / Goenaga pair eliminated in the quarter-final: there is starting to be some consistency with our friend Téo!
  3. Delfi Brea and Bea Gonzalez: a crazy comeback in the semi-final and a crushing final, what a tournament!

The finals movie

In the women's category, we were entitled to a final between seeds 1 and 2, with opposition that we expected to be Dantean in the Sevillian cauldron! Well, Dantesque, there was only good weather! Indeed, in just 1h12 of play the “Superpibas” completely blew up Ari and Paula by inflicting a 6/1 6/1 on them. This is indeed the quickest final of the season and is it worrying for the world number 1s? We will see in South America, on the lands in particular of… Delfi Brea to find out if this was just an accident or if…

For the men, as in Brussels, the final will keep all its promises with a first set which will turn to the advantage of the “Chingalan” pair with a score of 8 points to 6 in the decisive game. A small break in the second round will be enough for the happiness of the “Chingalan” pair who won their second tournament in a row and who will no longer be able to hide for long about their potential and their intentions to want to dethrone the world number 1s!

Come on, let's cross the Atlantic again for a three-week tour of South America with: Paraguay, Argentina and Chile!

Laurent Imbert

Laurent Imbert, alias Coach Zorrus, is a true French legend of the Padel. From its beginnings in the 90s, it has known everything about the evolution of Padel in France and around the world! A true connoisseur, known and recognized by his peers in France and abroad, he will share his expertise with us at each stage of Premier Padel !