On this weekend of legislative elections, it was perhaps better to watch sport on TV: formula 1 or padel ? What question !

It's been a long time since the pairs changed! Well congratulations ladies for these changes which have certainly been expected for some time and which for some have been simply magical from this moment on. Genova P2.

Second Italian stop for the circuit Premier Padel with very good weather, lots of people, good points: pure happiness! As usual, “Coach Zorrus” offers us his analysis of the tournament.

The point of the tournament

A lot of things happened as always with our favorite players, and this time, it's not a particular move that I'm going to highlight but rather an entire point. On the first set ball during the women's final, there was almost everything: counter-window, millimeter lob, vibora, petite, blow between the legs…. and almost two minutes of play for this point you can see here !

The red card

Come on, since it's the summer vacation and there hasn't been anything exceptional, let's save the red card for later.

The flops

  1. Delfi Brea and Bea Gonzalez eliminated in the quarter-final: short match, no desire (at least on screen): this raises questions…
  2. Stupa and Di Nenno: despite their semi-final, they no longer make it and remain at the gate of the finals almost all the time!
  3. Our “Frenchies” who can no longer get rid of these qualifications and who we no longer see in the final tables of the circuit Premier Padel
  4. the bela / tello pair which vegetates in the soft underbelly of the paintings of this circuit Premier Padel : a very difficult last year for “the King”

The tops

  1. The new Ortega / Araujo pair which achieves its first success from its first association: express or long-term effect?
  2. The Galan / Chingotto pair who are crushing everything in their path!
  3. Paquito / Lebron: a superb semi-final against “Chingalan”, which shows that when you want, you can! Congratulations to the two “crazy” people on the circuit!
  4. Has our Frenchwoman Alix Collombon found a partner with whom she will be able to build in the long term?

The finals movie

For the ladies, a closer final on the scoreboard than in reality! Even if Ari Sanchez and Paula Josemaria had a few opportunities, it was Marta Ortega and Sofia Araujo who led the dance throughout this final won in two short sets! Suddenly, Sofia Araujo makes the history of her sport by becoming the first Portuguese player to win a title on the circuit Premier Padel ! As for “martita”, she confirms that with a world-class player, she certainly becomes a dangerous and talented player (but we already knew that)!

For the gentlemen, we always take the same ones and start again! Except that this finale looked like a real earthquake! More commonly, I believe this is called a correction with a capital “c”! 6/1 6/1: the Coello / Tapia pair has never existed in a one-sided final from start to finish! Nothing more to say except that it's a job well done for the "Chingalan" pair who are increasingly positioning themselves as a contender for the number 1 title at the end of the year!

Now return to the lair of padel world, Spain and more precisely in the cradle of padel : Andalusia (of Lebron and Paquito)!

Laurent Imbert

Laurent Imbert, alias Coach Zorrus, is a true French legend of the Padel. From its beginnings in the 90s, it has known everything about the evolution of Padel in France and around the world! A true connoisseur, known and recognized by his peers in France and abroad, he will share his expertise with us at each stage of Premier Padel !