Ah, Chile and its 4500km of coastline: the beach, the surf and the “Piña coladas”! It all smells like vacation, right? Well, not at all because we are in Santiago, capital of Chile, with its approximately 5 inhabitants and some 000km from the beach... It's not the same story, right?

Like in Argentina last week, it's the start of winter in the southern hemisphere and the rain and humidity are making a comeback! And the players weren't all in top form...

Well, that doesn't excuse everything, and let's see how this tournament Chilli has closed the 2024 South American tour!

As usual, “Coach Zorrus” offers us his analysis of the tournament.

The point of the tournament

Well, the weeks go by and are not the same... But almost for one of the best players in the world! This week, no off track or blow between the legs, but a blow that Ale Galan has the secret of!

1st set, 3 games everywhere and 30/15 for Galan / Chingotto, I’ll let you admire…


The red card

It's still a shame that it's so difficult to watch padel on television, but hey! Hopefully this will evolve for all the Aficionados that we are!


  • Delfi Brea and Bea eliminated as soon as they entered the competition: it's obvious that it's just an accident, but what a shock all the same!
  • Araujo / Riera: the one who was Alejandra Salazar's partner last year is really in trouble with another defeat in the round of 16.
  • Ortega / Virseda, defeat in the quarter-final: the tournaments follow one another and are similar for these two players who do not make it!


  • The Gonzalez / Ruiz pair in the quarter-final and very close to the feat by losing in the tie-break of the 3rd set against Chingotto / Galan!
  • The Alonso / Ustero pair in the semi-final: are Pablo Ayma's protégés confirming their position despite their very young age?
  • Collombon / Bidahorria: the Frenchwoman and her partner lost in the round of 1 against the world number 6s 3/7 5/XNUMX! We want more !
  • The Sainz / Llaguno pair: the “young girls” find themselves in the final of a top tournament, incredible for 40-year-old players!

The finals movie

For the ladies, we were treated to a 100% unprecedented final: an opposition partly between experience and youth... because yes, there was a 22-year gap between Claudia Fernandez and her opponents of the day! Have you ever played against a player your daughter's age in the final of a world tournament?!

Well, what's a shame is that there wasn't really a match because the domination of the Triay / Fernandez pair was undeniable throughout the match. This is a first coronation on the world circuit for Claudia Fernandez. The new record holder joins the very closed circle of 18-year-olds who have won a major tournament!

For the gentlemen, we take the same ones and start again! Except that as someone else would say: there was no photo! In any case in the first set where the “Chingalan” pair completely came through, taking a small 6/0! But as often this year, the extra-terrestrials Coello and Tapia did not manage to maintain their rhythm throughout the game and it finally ended with a 6/4, but in the 3rd round for the Coello pair / Tapia! So you understood it well dear Aficionados, the bets are on: who will finish the season in first place!

Come on, it's time to go home... “Welcome to France” and more precisely in Bordeaux!

Laurent Imbert

Laurent Imbert, alias Coach Zorrus, is a true French legend of the Padel. From its beginnings in the 90s, it has known everything about the evolution of Padel in France and around the world! A true connoisseur, known and recognized by his peers in France and abroad, he will share his expertise with us at each stage of Premier Padel !