Coello: “Bela's only flaw is…”

Padel Magazine interview this player whose future seems to have no limit, to get to know him a little better personally. He tells us about his relationship with Bela, what drives him crazy on a court, his opinion on the “punto de oro”…

“Bela can go wrong”

Padel Magazine : Sure Premier Padel, the players made a vote to play with or without the decisive point. What did you vote?

Arturo Coello : “I voted to play without 'punto de oro'. I think it helps the padel. We have always played like this. I am an equal/advantage believer.”

Padel Magazine : You always speak very well of your teammate. Can you tell me a defect of Bela?

Arturo Coello : “His fault is that he is very methodical, and if he goes out of his patterns he can sometimes get out of order. But if you know him personally, he's a great person. We never had a problem with anything. He always has a positive outlook on things and I learn from him every day."

“I feel likeand a donkey”

Padel Magazine : Tell me the thing that annoys you the most on a tennis court. padel.

Arthur Coello: "When I miss a return. Without a doubt. I feel like a donkey, I can't accept this mistake. I work a lot with the psychologist about missing the return because it's something that frustrates me. But in the end it makes sense, you miss sometimes.”

Padel Magazine : Do you like to play in difficult outdoor conditions?

Arturo Coello : “I love playing outdoors, and the conditions here in Qatar are perfect for me. Playing with the ball Bullpadel makes it go faster. Fernando and I like these conditions.”


Padel Magazine : A few months ago you played an excellent match with Ale Galan in the final of the world championships. Is this a possible pair for the future?

Arthur Coello: “Ale is at an incredible level. He's a young player like me, but with more experience. Why not, if I reach the required level, and my project with Bela ends. There would be no downside. I told him before, it was an incredible experience to play with him at the worlds.

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Lorenzo Lecci Lopez