The first quarter of the 2024 season of the circuit Premier Padel has just ended, and while waiting for the South American tour, we take stock of this first quarter of tournaments.

Like the ladies, a pair won three titles among the men. But the difference with the women's draw is that the pair in question, Coello / Tapia, must share the poster with another player, Ale Galan!

Unlike last season, Arturo Coello and Agustin Tapia do not win everything in 2024. Indeed, if Gustavo Pratto's players have won three consecutive tournaments (Doha, Acapulco, Puerto Cabello), they see another player standing up to them this season, a certain Ale Galan.

The Madrilenian, who is the master of the winning points/unforced errors ratio, started the year in the best way by winning the P1 in Riyadh with Juan Lebron. Behind, the Spaniards separated but Galan found in Chingotto his perfect companion. The two men, after starting with a final in Venezuela, went on to win two consecutive titles (Brussels and Seville), both times with victories against Arturo Coello and Agustin Tapia. Enough to gain a lasting advantage over this duo? Not sure because we could see a much sharper Arturo and Agustin after the short break…

In any case, the trend seems to be taking us towards a hand to hand between the pairs Coello / Tapia and Chingotto / Galan. The Superpibes, with only one final this season, are clearly behind, just like Paquito and Lebron, who are struggling somewhat to regain confidence.

So what do you think will be the pair for the second quarter of the season for men?

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