End of season for Alix Collombon and Lorena Rufo who lost as soon as they entered the competition at Milano Premier Padel P1 against Tamara Icardo and Virginia Riera.

Alix and Lorena knew that they had not been spoiled in the draw in Milan. Indeed, from the first round, they found themselves facing the finalists of the World Padel Tour Mexico Open: Icardo and Riera.

And the 5th seed in the competition had no intention of losing time on the track this Tuesday. Starting the match with a 5/0, the Spanish-Argentinian pair showed their entry muscles. A burst of pride from the Lyonnaise and her teammate allowed them to score their first games but behind the favorites managed to finish the job in the first set: 6/2.

The second set started more or less the same way. Alix and Lorena certainly managed to go from 0/3 to 2/4, but once again the favorites stepped up their efforts to extinguish any beginnings of revolt. Final score 6/2 6/2 for Icardo and Riera who qualify without problem for the rest of the events. Tomorrow they will meet the winners of the match between Alonso / Uster and Polo / Ribeiro.

The season therefore ends for Rufo and Collombon who, given the level displayed by their opponents, could not really hope for better today. Will we see these two on the same side of the track again next season? For the moment nothing has leaked, but in the middle of an announced wave of changes, the six-time French Champion and her current teammate could also look elsewhere. To be continued !

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