The player lists who will represent France during the European Championships padel 2024, which takes place in Cagliari at the end of July, has just been revealed.

As is often the case in countries other than Spain and Argentina, there are many former tennis players of good quality among the players forming part of the selection.

Indeed, among the girls, we have six players who were at least -4/6: Alix Collombon (32FR), Carla Touly (26FR), Jessica Ginier (27FR), Camille Sireix (-15), Léa Godallier (-4 /6) and Charlotte Soubrié (-4/6). Lucile Pothier (0) was not far from being part of this group!

Among the men, there are two to have been in this ranking: Adrien Maigret and Max Moreau. The others also went through tennis but with slightly more modest levels: 0 for Maxime Joris, 1/6 for Johan Bergeron, 2/6 for Dylan Guichard, 3/6 for Thomas Vanbauce and 4/6 for Thomas Leygue.

As a reminder, the men’s selection:

  • Adrien Maigret
  • Johan Bergeron
  • Max Moreau
  • Bastien Blanqué
  • Thomas Leygue
  • Dylan Guichard
  • Maxime Joris
  • Thomas Vanbauce

The women's selection:

  • Alix Collombon
  • Jessica Ginier
  • Lucile Pothier
  • Léa Godallier
  • Carla Toully
  • Charlotte Soubrié
  • Fiona Ligi
  • Camille Sireix
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