Le padel is a very mental sport, where it is sometimes necessary to take a little break to be able to regain your senses, or your breath! Sometimes we also want to break the rhythm a little, for example against opponents who are moving forward and are confident.

But normally, players are supposed to move between points, and it is therefore sometimes necessary to find small subterfuges to save time. As you will see, two stand out from the rest!

The lazy day towel

This is certainly the technique most used by professional players. The point has lasted, the player wants to take a little time and will therefore choose the excuse of perspiration to get his towel from his bench and dry his hands and face. He takes the opportunity to completely clear his mind, forget previous frustrations and start fresh.

La chaussure

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After a while, the referee can start to get annoyed when one of the actors reaches for his towel a little too often. A good way to take some time can be to retie your shoelaces, or rather undo them to retie them! The player spends a little time crouching, he catches his breath and his spirits, can even pretend not to be skillful in the exercise of the laces, and thus he can offer thirty precious seconds to his pair.

The rest…

Lots of other ways to save time are possible: putting your lens back in, having a problem with your glasses for those who use them, going to drink when it's hot, asking to review a point in the video even if you know you're lost it... We even see players talking with their partner, then heading to serve, then returning to say a word to their teammate... In the end, you understand, we can use many techniques to lengthen the breaks between points!

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However, be sure to use them in moderation. If the padel remains a mental war at a certain level, we must still try to remain within a fair play framework!

And you, what are your favorite excuses to save time? Does it annoy you when your opponents drag a little too long between exchanges?

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