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Jaime Rey, one of the pro players of padel from the Adidas team Padel returns to a subject that concerns us all: How to play the key points in padel ?

These key points are the famous games where everything is played on one point and that can escape us.

We will try here to find good manners to avoid a few sleepless nights of frustration ...

1 / The concentration: a fundamental factor when we come to these decisive moments. Easy to say, however, it really is the time to stay focused on the goal and not get lost in thinking about something else for example or looking around. We also have to know where we are in the game precisely. How many times have we played a game without knowing the real score? If one of the players asks for the score, it is because that player is not very focused.

2 / The tactic : If there is a good time when we can take a little time is important points. Talk with your partner before starting this point. Set a course to follow so you do not go into the unknown. It's easier to focus on a point with a well-established plan than to get into that point with stress and not knowing what to do exactly. Tactics, though perhaps not so effective, can reassure and make us better on these decisive points.

3 / Strikes: Try to make a quick assessment of what worked and try to focus on it. It will be easier to tackle this decisive point.

Weak points: we need to know what are the weak points of our opponents. Not playing in their comfort zone will also likely increase the pressure in the opposing ranks.

Long points: You don't necessarily have to panic and try the decisive point quickly, because for once, the fault will certainly be there. First try to make the point last to test your opponents. Obviously do not be too defensive or too late, otherwise it is you who will be attacked and be put under pressure. But difficult to find the right balance ...


What are the exercises that will allow you to train on these caliente points?

- Exercise 1: We can play real game situations by starting the games at 15/40, 30/30, 0/40.


- Exercise 2:  If the pair makes 2 non-forced errors, it loses the game. This exercise can also be done at an individual level.

- Exercise 3: We can work on ball control exercises in parallel or crosswise. This type of exercise should be done with few balls and without a basket, so that the players are really focused at every point.

- Exercise 4: Play 7-point tie-break under the conditions explained above.

More generally, the idea is to train yourself not to have the "trembling" on the important points. We must therefore create game situations to be more effective when it happens in a game situation. The idea is to reduce the perverse effects of stress, even if there will never be a miracle solution on the trembling arm. "Bets" / "internal events or competitions organized by clubs" and even some software used can help ...


Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.