Do you want to buy a new padel racket soon? Head Padel offers a graph allowing you to quickly make your selection.

We often tell you, there is a racket for each type of player and it is important before making your choice, to know which characteristics of a pala to favor. In order to make your task easier, HEAD has carried out a graph that allows you to quickly compare the different palas.

Thus, the Austrian brand opposed stability and maneuverability on the abscissa, and power and control on the ordinate. For example, if you are looking for a stable and powerful racket, you will be advised to set your sights on the Delta range. On the other hand if you prefer control, you will rather have to privilege the alpha range.

Thanks to this very simple and very well made graph, you will have no difficulty in find models suited to your play style and ambitions. If you are looking for a versatile high-end pala, you see that the Head Gamma Pro, which we were talking about a little while ago, is almost the perfect balance between the 4 characteristics!

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