We come back to the questions / answers during the FFT press conference, with Gilles Moretton, Arnaud Di Pascuale and Luigi Carrero.

Matter of Padel Magazine at the FFT

Padel Magazine : Is a project planned in the medium / long term around National Education to bring in the padel in schools and ensure that young people can play there?

Answer by Gilles Morreton, President of the FFT:

"The Padel by default starts with a blank sheet, there is a big project to be done with the schoolchildren. A challenge begins on March 26 for Arnaud Di Pascale, Arnaud Clément: everything remains to be done with the schoolchildren! There has been no effort made for young people on the part of the clubs for years. ”

The projects of the FFT concerning the padel

“Will the FFT rely on the fantastic center of Lyon and its incredible structures?”

Arnaud Di Pascale : “It will be necessary to work hand in hand with any dynamic structure, and to exchange as much as possible. I can't imagine making decisions without having feedback from the field! ”

The FFT projects

Gilles Moretton: “We are in the midst of the 2021 budget, there were no good financial surprises, the budget had to be revised.

It is impossible to give the budgets of the padel because there are too many uncertainties at the moment.

As soon as the numbers are there, Arnaud Di Pascale will reveal the budget amount.

There will soon be the FIP board elections on April 28 - I hope Luigi continues. ”

Luigi Carraro: “In the current board of the FIP, there are no French, so we will have to try to bring in later. I think the French will be present and important in the next 4/5 years. ” 

Gilles Moretton :“It must be said, there was a bit too much trouble at the time to frame and support the padel he is 7 years old… We will discuss with the majority of the players in the sector so that it is structured. ”

France: an important player in padel global

What is the current level of padel French? Is the padel can become an Olympic sport?"

Luigi Carraro The level of French players is very high, yesterday at the FIP in ROME the French won the final and the male pair reached the semi-final! French players are in the top 4/5 in terms of technique and France will continue to rise in the years to come.

In December 2021 we will try to pass the padel before the IOC so that the padel figure at the Paris Olympics and if this is not feasible, make it visible during this event and later. ”

“How many practitioners and what percentage in the world?”

Luigi Carraro: “There are 16 to 18 million practitioners around the world, Spain and Argentina are first.

The veterans world championship is going to be the big surprise for the development of the padel.

France, Italy, Sweden are experiencing a very big development and England will soon be the case for England.

The Asian continent - with the Qatar tournament and the development of Japan - is not left out.

The African continent is developing, the good relations between the FFT and the African continent to develop the padel will play for the development of padel there, because this continent is important for the FIP.

There are 11200 classified competitors listed, around 25 practitioners referenced by the FFT (via its Application (Ten'Up) and just over 000 non-regular practitioners in France. ”

 The Benoît Paire case!

Question about Benoît Paire, about his last statements, to know roughly if the FFT and its leaders will stop there atnear the rising voices. ”

Gilles Moretton : “I'm just going to clarify, I've only been here a month and a half, I usually say things to players straight in the eye when I have something to say.

We are not going any further in the debate but we will not take it by default since we said things to each other by telephone. We are waiting to see about the decisions of the ATP and the Ethics Committee. ”

About Roland-Garros

“Exhibition question at Roland Garros: what avenues to maintain Roland Garros?”

Gilles Moretton: “We are reflecting on several phases of reflection, we are awaiting the response on Thursday in relation to total containment and therefore prefer to remain cautious for the moment.

Have a plot of padel in exhibition with former players and tennis enthusiasts, to share with people who are not familiar with the activity during Roland Garros. ”

“Are the same resources going to be developed for beach tennis and will Arnaud Clément take care of them?”

Gilles Moretton: “There won't be a National Director for beach tennis, there isn't enough enthusiasm in general, but it's still very friendly, and it's a very spectacular activity. The infrastructures are slow to develop, compared to the general climate in France. ”

It is practiced because certain small groups of enthusiasts are there to put it forward with talent. Jean-Claude Bousteaux - Responsible for the PACA league will continue to take care of it. ”


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