It is not because the temperatures are decreasing that it is not necessary to store the palas while waiting for the return of sunny days! However, the game in winter has some differences compared to summer practice, especially if we are in the impossibility of being indoors. We help you see more clearly.

Well warm up

Before taking the snowshoes, you must do increase his heart rate. The best solution is to warm up conscientiously with a little cardio, coupled with dynamic stretching. Once that is done, some discussions are necessary to find his feelings and his support on the ground.

Dress well

No way to catch a cold! It is essential to cover yourself well and to add one or two layers of clothing, especially when playing outside. Sudden temperature changes should not be undergone, therefore it is recommended to remove layers gradually. Above all, do not neglect the wearing of good socks because it is often through the feet that we catch a cold! Also pay attention to the quality of your shoes because wet ground can be tricky and your supports can escape more easily.

Choosing the right racquet

The cold makes the racket more rigid. Those using a soft pala will gain more control while those who prefer a hard version will lose out of the ball, which could disrupt defensive play and reflex shots. A a little softer version so may be better for you when the temperatures drop.

Avoid cold drinks

While consuming a drink that is too hot doesn't guarantee you will get hotter, drinking an ice-cold bottle can cool your throat. It is therefore recommended to opt for lukewarm or room temperature drinks.

After the game: be careful not to catch a cold!

After the match, we avoid hanging out too long at the edge of the still perspiring pitch, and we think of covering ourselves up immediately so as not to cause a too sudden change in body temperature. And obviously, after the effort the comfort: a nice hot shower !

Bonus : the coach Manu Martín gives you a video lesson to master all the appropriate gestures!

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