Quarantine is not an excuse to remain inactive. Every day we offer you a session to do at home in order to arrive in top form when resuming padel.

Today is a training of Veronica Virseda which is honored. In order to stay in shape from home, the 19th in the World Padel Tour ranking does cardio muscle training with accessories that everyone can find at home.

It performs four laps of a circuit of 5 exercises, chained without rest, at the rate of 10 repetitions per exercise. She uses large bottles of water, which you can replace if necessary with canned food, a loaded paletero, books, dumbbells if you have any, in short everything that weighs a little.

  • First exercise: horizontal print : for more efficiency do not hesitate to do it with the back parallel to the ground, contracting well abdominals and glutes
  • Second exercise: front squat, be sure to keep your back straight and spread your knees when going downhill, you can sheath your abdominals well throughout the movement
  • Third exercise: deadlift, we avoid rounding the back. For more difficulty, Veronica puts a loaded backpack on her back, and lifts the bottle. You can also do it by lifting a loaded pallet truck
  • Fourth exercise: developed military, we flex the thighs well and we enter the belly. If the exercise is too difficult, you can help yourself by pushing with your legs like a quarter squat.
  • Fifth exercise: biceps, try not to move too much while doing it, and as always to contract your abdominals well

Then, 30 seconds of sheathing as a rest and we continue on the next series. 4 in total for Veronica, but depending on your objectives and the weights used, you can lower or slightly increase the number of repetitions and / or series. Good luck !

Video credit: Instagram Veronica Virseda

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