Quarantine is not an excuse to remain inactive. Every day we offer you a session to do at home in order to arrive in top form when resuming padel.

Yesterday we have well worked his padel technique, and a little bit his cardio too, with José Luis Salines. Today we are going to do a session more focused on muscle building. Like last week, we suggest you use your paletero to do some bodybuilding.

This session, still offered by Sergio Alba, will allow you to strengthen you, in particular to avoid injuries and gain muscle efficiency. As during the previous session of this type, we advise you to go to sets of 6-15 repetitions of each exercise with 1 to 2 minutes of rest between sets (the less rehearsals you do, the more rest you need). You can be satisfied with the exercises of the two videos of today, in this case you will make a high number of series, 5 minimum. If you wish you can add two or three exercises from the previous session with the paletero.

After a little warm-up (you can do a cladding circuit lap for example followed by a little running on the spot and some joint mobilizations), it will be time to take your bag previously loaded. If you don't have weight at home, you can put pasta (if there was any left in your supermarket…), bottles of water, canned food, sachets of rice or legumes, in short all that weighs a little.

We start with the squats, the hardest exercise. We start feet shoulder width apart, and we are careful never to round our lower back. To do this, gain your abs well, and think about push your knees to the sides during the descent. Try to descend below the parallel, and stop as soon as you feel that you can no longer descend without rounding your back.

Then comes the back print. Like squatting, don't round your back. Finally, last exercise of the video: the developed shoulders. You sheath your abdominals well, your legs slightly bent, and above all you are careful not to put too much weight in the bag!

We will end with two abdominal exercises: moutain climbers, and bust readings. Note that on the bust readings we do not try to go as far as possible. Indeed, trying to go far and fast in this exercise is not very useful for the development of your abs since in this case it is the hip flexors that perform most of the movement. On the contrary, we are not going no further than where the contraction of the abdominals allows us to go. We try, as on the video, to make a slow and controlled execution. The feet are pressed to the ground. Good session !

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