José Luis Salines, coach of the Mas in Perpignan, the Béziers Padel Club, the Area Padel Narbonne, and the Sète Padel Club, is one of the greatest padel specialists in France.

After yesterday's physical training, we are leaving today on padel training. Once again, José Luis Salines shares his knowledge with you and concocts a special defense session. Obviously, training is possible at home, with almost nothing more than a racket.

First, the work is done on the lob. José Luis detaches six heights to which you can make a lob. For more control, it is advisable to impact the ball, in heights 1,2 and 3, the three lowest. Heights 4,5 and 6 are not recommended because the path taken by the arm is not long enough to be able to impact the ball precisely.

Concerning forehand lifted from baseline : the racket oriented towards the ground, we perform like a wiper movement. The racket head points down, and the racket is picked up with both hands after the hit.

These explanations will be repeated in the video.

Now let's go to exercices :

On repeat the sequence of the five exercises twice to do a full session.

  • Exercise 1 : 50 forehand lobs bending your legs well and getting up at the same time as you raise your arms. The bullet is hit in zones 1 and 2.
  • Exercise 2 : 50 back lobs : same thing.
  • Exercise 3 : 50 baselines : We lower the center of gravity well by bending the legs as much as possible to be stable on hitting and to have good control. We go up hit the ground with the racket.
  • Exercise 4 : 50 backstops : same thing.
  • Exercise 5: We make blocks of two minutes by chaining all the shots from the previous 4 exercises, somewhat randomly, as if we were playing a match. 30 seconds rest after a block. Jose Luis recommends performing between 3 and 5 sequences if you are a beginner, and make it 10 if you are a confirmed playerOr up to 20 if you want to do a very intense session! You can therefore choose the number of series you want to perform according to your level and the intensity you want to devote to this session!

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