Interviewed during the 4e edition du Cupra Padel Point Tour, Corentin Monreve was appointed director of the center PadelShot Saint-Etienne a month ago. On the program: his debut as director, his first relationship with the padel, his career as a player, etc.

“A discipline that has always attracted me”

Padel Magazine : What is your relationship with the padel ? How did you discover this discipline?

Corentin Monreve: “I have been working in this sport for about 5 years. I started with group 4Padel in which I was responsible for several centers: Limoges, Orléans… It is a discipline that has always attracted me and in which I wanted to continue. That's why I joined the band PadelShot. “

Padel Magazine : You anticipated my next question, since I was going to ask you how do you judge your first steps at PadelShot? What is your current observation of the center and the group?

Corentin Monreve : ” It's a group in full dynamics, there is an excellent atmosphere. We are in good conditions to succeed in everything. I think that PadelShot has a really huge future ahead of him, there is everything to succeed once again. “

PadelShot will get bigger

Padel Magazine : There is PadelShot Saint Etienne, PadelShot Caen.. do you think that the band could expand further and be exported to other cities in France?

Corentin Monreve : “It's even planned! I'm not going to announce it officially, but there are openings that are planned soon in several cities in France. PadelShot aims to become one of the market leaders in padel. In any case, everything is on track for this to be the case.”

Padel Magazine : As head of the Saint-Étienne centre, how do you see things developing? Do you feel that there is a certain fervor towards the padel in the Rhône-Alpes basin and that PadelShot Saint-Étienne could become one of the pioneers of padel in this region ?

Corentin Monreve : " Sure. We have plans, and it's even been recorded, to expand (in the center of Saint-Étienne). We benefit from an already very large area, we will further increase the number of pitches, the pool of players is present. Now we have to get the children, the women, to further diversify this clientele. “

Padel Magazine : As a player, do you play tournaments on a daily basis? Are you trying to perfect your condition and why not become (laughs), a top French player?

Corentin Monreve : “Why not (laughs)! No for the moment, we will remain humble. I took over the padel, I had taken a little break but there yes I resumed and I made my first tournament, a P25 which I won this morning. It's a good omen I will continue to play hard because I love this sport above all!”

“It's huge what Cupra and Padel-Point manage to do...”

Padel Magazine : The Cupra Padel-Point Tour settled down in Saint-Étienne, what do you think of this circuit?

Corentin Monreve : “I think a lot of brands should take inspiration from it. It is once again huge what Cupra and Padel-Point manage to do today with Wilson and other brands that are present in the world of padel […], they mix both the amateur world, with children… they really vary the target audience. Once again, you really have to draw inspiration from it, there are quality facilities and teams. Everything is there for this to be a reference circuit in France in any case. “

Nasser Hoverini

Passionate about football, I discovered the padel in 2019. Since then, it's been crazy love with this sport to the point of abandoning my favorite sport.