The inauguration of the Padel Aix Country Club will be held on May 7. At the origin of this project, David VINCENT, active member of the Aix Country Club and especially founder of Squaw Creek Padels based on a particular model ...
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Franck Binisti - How did you get started in the padel?

David Vincent - The idea of ​​putting padel in this club that I was a member of the office came to me one morning.

Why not propose a new project at the Aix Country Club who already had the will to create padel courts on this beautiful site where is also the headquarters of the league Provence?

It was necessary to convince the various leaders of the club to put these padel. They trusted us and from the 7 May the Country Club Aixois will offer an activity in addition: the padel.

FB - You started your company squawcreekpadels. It is based on a particular model ...

DV - The Squaw Creek Padels model is original: More than a new padel center, this is a new concept, where tennis clubs do not invest a single euro, but in addition recovers a new source of revenue for clubs.

Basically, Squaw Creek Padels invests the full costs of the padel pitch facilities and in turn offers the club to share the padel revenue.

Which means that the club hosting the padel recovers 2 sources of revenue. First the income related to the lease of land, but also income related to the use of land.

FB - How does it work to play the club?

DV - Commercial policy will be unveiled on June 22. Without revealing too much, I can say that there will be 2 possibilities for a person to play and subscribe to the padel club:

1 / If you are already a member of the Aix Country Club, there will be an attractive formula for playing padel.

2 / No worries if the player is not a member of the club since he can directly subscribe to the Padel Country Club.

In the meantime, we want to discover the padel, the club and create a group of enthusiasts. This is why we are offering interested players to join the Padel Country Club Community. By registering on our site, the members of this community will be able to play for FREE during the next 8 weeks.

Tristan Barre will be the site manager. It will offer padel training, courses and animations from the opening of the site.

If the club works as well as it is planned, 2 other lands could see the day soon.

The visibility of this padel club is enormous because it is the Aix Country Club which is one of the most important tennis clubs in the region, and then because it hosts an international tennis competition. every year: the Open challenger of the Pays d'Aix.

The inauguration of the center will take place on 7 May at 11h during the semifinals of the international tennis tournament.

FB - Can this type of model work without being on site?

DV - We think so in relation to the management of reservations, collections and access. But there will always be someone on site totally dedicated to the animation and management of the club. At Country, Tristan Barre is a perfect manager. It can boost the padel activity. The Aix Country Club is already based on a huge pool of tennis players just waiting to play padel. Other tennis clubs that do not necessarily have the means to invest in the padel can embark on the padel adventure by limiting the risks and cash shortage. Squaw Creek Padels really wants to develop padel and democratize it as much as possible.

Interview not Franck Binisti at the Country of Aix

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.