More and more players from padel are found positive for Covid-19. This time it's Lucas Campagnolo and Jesus Moya Sos' turn to forfeit the Las Rozas Open.

After Ramiro Moyano, here they are Lucas Campagnolo et Jesus moya sos who are positive for Covid-19. So the the Las Rozas Open will therefore be played without the pairs Botello / Moyano, Alonso / Moya and Bergamini / Campagnolo ! The misfortune of some makes the happiness of others since there will be three lucky losers today in the final of the previas!

It is obviously a blow for these three pairs but particularly for the Brazilians for whom the situation is repeated since earlier in the season, Lucas Bergamini had also been positive. Note that their compatriot Manuela Schuck is also absent for this tournament for the same reason.

We wish all of these players a good recovery.


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