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COVID: new measures in clubs padel

Covid, coronavirus, epidemic, vaccine and other health pass are the words that have unfortunately punctuated our lives for almost two years.

While schools must constantly adapt to the new measures put in place by the government, sports establishments are also obliged to review their habits.

Today Padel Magazine tries to take stock of these new decisions which add to the long list of restrictions already in place.

The new measures to be applied

Since January 3, 2022, the wearing a mask is compulsory in clubs and during tournaments, both indoors and outdoors, for everyone (volunteers, employees, practitioners, spectators, management, officials) from the age of 6, except for the practitioners during their sporting activity and the teachers when they are actually in a supervision situation.

On the other hand, the sanitary pass rest compulsory from 12 years old (except in the context of school activity).

It should also be noted that for a few days now, Parliament voted in favor of drawing up a vaccine pass, which will replace from 15 January the famous health pass.


This will be the sesame to be able to enter leisure places, restaurants or sports establishments.

Likewise the prime minister John Castex announced at a press conference that the consumption of food and drink is allowed if and only if it is done sitting in restaurants and pubs or in similarly furnished spaces (tables, staggered seated, distancing, wearing a mask compulsory in all circumstances, except during actual consumption).

It is prohibited in any other space (refreshments, living spaces, dressing rooms, moments of conviviality, associative meetings, receptions, etc.) and also in the form of conviviality activities (refreshments, living spaces, dressing rooms, associative meetings, receptions, competitions,…).

In practice, and under these conditions, these new rules allow :

  • The use of drinks / candy dispensers;
  • The supply or sale of meals, sandwiches, meal trays to participants to a competition, an internship, a training, by the organizers of the activity, and their consumption in the catering area or similar, when these meals are prepared by a professional;
  • The consumption of meals prepared or brought privately by participants in a training, competition or internship in the catering area or similar.

Unfortunately, spectators will not be able to eat during a match.

Moments of conviviality and gatherings of a festive nature are prohibited (greetings, drinks at the end of tournaments, evenings, etc.).

What should we remember?

Of course, the first thing is to continue to rigorously respect barrier gestures.

Club presidents have been asked to postpone General Assemblies as much as possible.

To be able to enter a sports arena you must:

  • Present a vaccine pass proving a complete vaccination schedule or
  • Present a health pass valid or
  • A negative PCR or antigen test less than 24 hours old or
  • A certificate proving that you have recovered from Covid-19.

If this is still a little unclear for you, do not hesitate to take a look at all these measures in clicking right here.

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