The first step of Cupra Padel Tour 2024 took place this weekend in Bordeaux, at the club Padel House. Back to the event.

In the P250, it was a team that came out of the pools and won the tournament after a real obstacle course. Indeed, Benjamin Wauters (6000) and Franck Douan (3500) beat the number 3 seed in the quarterfinals (4/2 0/4 10/8), and the number 6 seed in the semi-final (2/4 4/ 210/3) and in the final the pair Nicolas Paris (n°2236) / Stephane Duval (n°3192) in the super tie-break also (3/6 6/110/5). 

In the P250 women, it was Manon Laville and Elsa Garcia (TDS 3) who won the competition by beating the head of seed 1, Julie Laville / Camille Dalzovo in the final (6/3 6/2). 

Finally, in P25, seed 2 Hugo Brout / Enzo Ourdane won the tournament. 

The winners of the P25, P250 Men and Women are qualified for the final Grand Master in Toulouse on November 30. 

The afternoon was also marked by numerous activities: 

  • The children were delighted to win small prizes during the various events.
  • The players had a lot of fun challenging Dorian De Meyer and Benjamin Grué.
  • Flash Point : the famous one-point tournament attracted a lot of people and was a real success.
  • La tombola delighted the public with its numerous prizes (racket, bags of padel Head, vouchers of 50 and 25 euros, La Mariole packs, etc.)

And the day ended in the most beautiful way, with an aperitif on the terrace!