Le Cupra Padel Tour stopped off this weekend at the Set club Padel from Narbonne. In a festive and relaxed atmosphere, we were able to organize this event, with the valuable help of the Set team Padel Narbonne! Quality infrastructure and a great team, everything was in place to welcome the 84 players registered for our P25 Open and our P250 Men and Women.

The afternoon was very lively with many people present for the activities: children's entertainment, flashpoint, ball exchanges with Quentin Aysuo, French n°14, and Loïc Le Panse, French n°18, raffle with numerous prizes to win.

Here are the tournament results:

  • P250 Men: the Leblanc / Chavey pair (TDS 1) beat the Delpuech / Duchesne pair in the final (TDS 2).
  • P25: Dylan Lauret and Nicolas Caudriller (TDS 3) won the tournament. Initially, Dylan Lauret had registered with another person and Nicolas Caudriller too. Both players' partners were injured, so they decided to team up together, which turned out to be a great decision.
  • P250 Women: TDS 1 Sylvie Piau / Olivia Crouchent wins the tournament.