David Matéo de la Viapadel Cup offers a crazy weekend at the Rafa Nadal Academy in Palma de Mallorca at the end of September. He tells us.

“Rafa Nadal, the only tennis player I watch”

“Two or three months ago, I received a call from Nicolas Zambon, an entrepreneur whom I had met twenty years ago when he had a futsal complex. He is an extremely kind and competent person. When he called me and told me he had a project to present to me, of course I said yes because I knew he was a trustworthy man. But at that moment, I didn't know why he wanted to see me. I suspected it was for padel but hey, maybe he wanted to talk about PSG (laughs).

The meeting arrived and he introduced me to Pauline Sanchez, whom I didn't know at all. But the more the meeting progressed, the more I realized that she was as “solid” as Nico. Besides, if Nico works with someone, it is because he is necessarily competent, he never makes a mistake!

Pauline is the French Agent for the Rafa Nadal Academy, incredible because she’s the only tennis player I watch!”

See you in September at the Rafa Nadal Academy!

They actually liked the concept of Viapadel Cup and asked me to do pretty much the same thing but obviously the quality of the center makes things more “classy”, but more expensive too.

So, from Thursday September 26 to Sunday September 29, 2024, come to the Rafa Nadal Academy for a big weekend with:

  • 6 hours of lessons with the coaches of the Rafael Nadal Academy
  • 2 days of tournament
  • A night of partying
  • Unlimited swimming pool, fitness and SPA
  • 4-star RNA hotel on site
  • Transfers offered from Palma airport
  • 24 places available
  • €990 per person (flight not included)

Reservations before July 22 on 06 51 56 29 69 or on our Via applicationpadel.

The deadline is a little short but I hope that everyone will still be present for this first edition.

A great end of the year!

“I am already preparing for the next season of Viapadel which should be the last for me anyway.

From September therefore at Rafa Nadal for the tournament/course.

In October, I will be director of the FIP Gold tournament in Lyon with Lionel Roux.

In November, we're heading to Mauritius for a FIP Star with the fantastic JT Peyrou, where I will be the referee.

And to close the year 2024, I will return to Bourg-en-Bresse for the FIP Finals with the genius Alexandre Picquier, where I will be tournament director again.

And then, sleep until 2030 (laughs)!”