The schedule for the second half of theAPT Padel Tour was modified ! La Rioja will replace Corboba in Argentina, and Turin (Italy) will host an Open from October 9-16.

It's changing in Argentina

After the events in Tenerife and Bastad (Sweden), the circuit will return to South America, with two major tournaments in Argentina. Cordoba was originally meant to host an Open, but issues beyond APT's control Padel Tour have resulted in a change of venue and date. Quick negotiations in La Rioja made it possible to organize three tournaments over two weeks.

On August 29 and 30, the junior tournament will take place, reserved for young people up to the age of 18. It will be followed by a Future 1000, then finally an Open from Sunday 4 to Sunday 11 September.

Turin, a new luxury destination

The following week, the first Grand Master of the season will take place in Mar del Plata.

In October, theAPT Padel Tour will make his last tour of the season on the European continent. From October 2 to 9, the Madrid Grand Master will take place, and from October 9 to 16, Italian promoter Lapo Elkann has confirmed the Torino Open.

The 2022 season will conclude in America with the Grand Master from October 23-30 in Mexico City, followed by an Open and the Final Master from December 5-11.


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