After being a partner last year of the French stage of the World Padel Tour In Toulouse, Decathlon repeat this year on the circuit Premier Padel by announcing that it is a partner and official store of BetClic P2 Premier Padel from Bordeaux. This reinforces its desire to be a major player in the world of padel and to position itself as a specialist in this sport in France.

This international tournament will take place from June 10 to 16, 2024 at the Arkea Arena in Bordeaux and for the first time we will see the elite of the padel world in the Gironde capital, for our greatest pleasure.

After hitting it big with its Kuikma brand and the release of its new ranges of Metal and Carbon rackets. Decathlon continues its strong involvement in the ecosystem padel.

Official store of the tournament, Decathlon will have a large 200 m2 stand in which you will be able to find its Kuikma brand, but also partner brands such as Babolat, Bullpadel et Head. You will be able to discover their latest models in terms of rackets, shoes, textiles and accessories. padel at great prices, and above all find exclusively the official racket of the tournament, the innovative Head Extreme One with its incredible cosmetics! The official textile Bullpadel, specially created for the Bordeaux tournament, will also be in the spotlight.

Decathlon's mission is not only to sell sporting goods, it is also to bring emotions to life through sport, which is why the Decathlon team will offer you a program of activities throughout the the week with competitions, numerous racket tests, but also tennis lessons padel taught by the coaches of its partner, the French Touch Academy led by Mario Cordero.  

You can also have the chance by coming to their stand to be able to meet and take a photo with some of your players. padel favorites, and for some maybe even hitting a few balls with them…

See you in Bordeaux in June! 

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