The first ones quarter-finals du Premier Padel Italy Major have delivered their verdict and we will once again have a meeting between Triay/Fernandez and Llaguno/Sainz.

The surprises Guinart / Martinez and Sharifova / Martinez did not last long this morning on the central track of the Foro Italico. The former took a 6/0 6/1 in 51 minutes against Gemma Triay and Claudia Fernandez. The seconds did a little better against Llaguno / Sainz: 6/0 6/4 in 1h14.

You understood, we were far from seeing a new sensation this morning in Rome. The top seeds were uncompromising, and they will therefore be able to meet again tomorrow for the… eighth time this season!

Indeed, these two pairs face each other in almost every tournament and it could not be otherwise in this Major. Problem for Patty and Lucia: they were only able to take one set from Gemma and Claudia in seven confrontations... Will we witness the eighth victory of Triay / Fernandez against Llaguno / Sainz this Saturday at the Foro Italico?

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