Last week was the now usual meeting padel at Roland-Garros set up by the French Tennis Federation. Many personalities joined this great party and did not hesitate to put on a pair of sneakers and arm themselves with a pala to have a great time in the 20×10.

In addition to the legend Fernando Belasteguin, we were able to see the athletes Thierry Omeyer et Robert Pires but also TV stars Cyril Hanouna et Cartman. Another star personality of the small screen was present: Denis Brogniart. The legendary presenter of Koh-Lanta also lent himself to the game for a moment on the track, and he then confided in this experience.

"The padel is more accessible and fun than tennis”

"As you can see I'm soaked, I played with Arnaud Di Pasquale and two of the best French. I'm a tennis player first and foremost so at first it was a bit complicated to play with the walls but it's so fun that I really enjoyed it. It is an activity that tires differently from tennis.

I was told that the padel was very accessible but I think it's even more so when you come from tennis. At padel when we understood that we have to use the wrist a little more, let go of the arm a little by making a shorter preparation, then we will start to enjoy ourselves. It's more fun and accessible than tennis, that's clear”.

Do you have to be a player padel to apply for Koh-Lanta?

“Indeed Nicolas and Franck are playing padel but this is not the condition for applying for Koh-Lanta. You have to be very sporty, have a good physical condition, the sense of the game is essential for Koh-Lanta so necessarily when you play at padel we can have a small advantage. There are 25 requests for 000 places. There are plenty of people who are great and unfortunately we can't take them. There are candidates who applied 20 years before being taken. Never despair".

Le padel, a good preparation sport in Koh-Lanta?

"I think that all sports that lead to communication, to cohabitation in good and bad times are positive ingredients to find yourself in the best conditions in Koh-Lanta. It's obvious, when you practice a sport together, then you have collective sensations that are essential in the adventure..

Au padel as for Koh-Lanta, it is the team which will be the most complementary which will win because the faults of the weakest will be annihilated by the stronger player. It is certain that if you have someone very strong but very individualistic that will of course give the opportunity to the rivals to play on the weak link of the team. That's the secret. We can say "the padel and Koh-Lanta, same fight!” (laughs)”

Watch the conversation in full in the video below.

Sebastien Carrasco

Fan of padel and of Spanish origin, the padel runs through my veins. Very happy to share with you my passion through the world reference of padel : Padel Magazine.