The national master of the LNP: Crazy games!

Padel Magazine - On August 31 and September 1, the Mas club hosted the Master of the LNP (National League of Padel) from Perpignan.

It is a club where the Padel has been in the spotlight for more than a year now, three fields are installed around the club house, ideal for having a meal in front of a beautiful match of Padel. In addition to the facilities which are perfect, it is the welcome from the club leaders which is exceptional.

Nine teams were involved in this Master. Three teams represented the local Mas club, three others played for Laval (Bravo to them for having made this long trip!), A team from Toulouse, one from Carcassonne and finally one from Paris.

Spread into several pools, the teams had to come out first in their pool to reach the quarter-finals.

From the pool matches, matches were hung.

The show started from the first matches with in particular the Binisti brothers (Pyramides / Paris) facing the local team made up of Frédéric TAP and Pascal GNISS (MAS / Perpignan club). The Parisian team had to bow to a team that was going to come out first in its pool.

Another match was decisive for the last qualifying place for the semi-finals between 2 pairs of Laval: GARNIER Justin / TOUZARD Pierre against BOISSE Simon / DEVRAND Samuel (victory for Justin and Pierre).

A thought to the legendary Carcassonnais too and in particular to André who was injured in the calf in the first match. No doubt they would have been much harder to beat if they had been to 100%. In the end, the Carité / Forget, Henry / Talairach, Tap / Gniss and Garnier / Touzard pairs are qualified for the semi-finals.

Laval teams have also emphasized their motivation and competitiveness. Indeed, despite teams from all over France, Laval shone by its talented and numerous representatives. 3 teams from the north wanted to make the law. Nicknamed the "Vikings", they are almost there.

See you on Sunday morning for the semi-finals, unless we talk a little about the evening of Saturday evening? The tapas, the bars, the “street of thirst”… But let's move on… It was a “relatively” calm evening and the protagonists of the semi-finals arrived on the courts at 9 am cool and could not be more motivated!

Congratulations to the spectators who were also present from this early hour to encourage the players (good ok especially the 2 local teams, one in each semi-final).

And arrived the final. The Perpignan team had clearly decided to play exclusively on Clément FORGET. But what they did not expect happened.

While at the start of the first set, the locals seemed to take the lead, Clément showed his strong character by opposing any inclination from the opposing team. Laurent TALAIRACH had his legs severed in the true sense of the word.
Obviously, Cédric Carité no longer present, often defended his teammate by typing irrattrapable smashes.

In the end, it is the Carité / Forget pair which is national champion after a victory in 2 sets 6/3 7/6. Congratulations to Clément for having defended a lot, and to Cedric for his fifty winning smaches !!

To finish on a small wink to Laurent Talairach to read our article on the website of padel magazine concerning the importance of hydrating well during matches. Laurent has indeed finished the tournament steeped in cramps!

[highlight] You can find all the photos on our facebook page or many videos on our Youtube channel. [/ highlight]

WINNER : CARITE Cédric / FORGET Clement (club of Hers / Toulouse)
2nd: HENRY Alain / TALAIRACH Laurent (MAS / Perpignan club)
3rd: GARNIER Justin / TOUZARD Pierre (Padel Park / Laval)
4th: TAP Frédéric / GNISS Pascal (MAS / Perpignan club)
5th:     BOISSE Simon / DEVRAND Samuel (Padel Park / Laval)
6th: TAP Loîc / PLANES Laurent (MAS / Perpignan club)
7th:     MESLIN Aymeric / DUBOURG Romain (Padel Park / Laval)
8th: BINISTI Franck / BINISTI Nicolas (Club des Pyramides / Paris)
9th: GAUBERT André / SAN MIGUEL François (Club de l'Hers / Toulouse)

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  • Hello, I just came across this page which I really like because I often play in Spain and didn't know that there was a club in Perpignan (it's not nearby but it would prevent me from crossing the Pyrenees). .. How many courts are there? Lots of players from padel ?

    • hello magalie it's laurent talairach, so indeed at the MAS tennis club you have three courts and a lot of players. In addition you will find everything you are looking for, conviviality, competitiveness, friendship. the managers are FredTap and Alain Henry. such 0468540184; Looking forward to meeting you one day, who knows ;-). Well padel !!! I leave you my number for a part ... 0630885168

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