The first edition of “Donibaneko Frying Pan Padel Tour” took place on last Friday June 21 for the opening of the Midsummer celebrations at the Tennis Club Luzien. It saw the victory of Pierre-Lucas Bilbao and Xabi Garat against Bruno Albistur and Philippe Roméo.

As its name suggests, this tournament was played well with frying pans!

The President of TCL, Dominique Urchoeguia, tells us:

“This good idea germinated in our heads during discussions after the games, where we teased each other about our approximate techniques and our unacademic racquet grips, sometimes resembling a frying pan grip! We therefore decided to play with pans, customized for the occasion: grip, overgrip, obligatory wrist strap, obligatory helmet and black and red outfit in the colors of Saint-Jean to get the holidays off to a good start.

A little doubt remained about whether we could have fun. It quickly disappeared and we witnessed some superb fierce games of 30 to 40 minutes in a small format of 4 games. The spectacle resided as much in the visual as in the sound with the ringing of the stoves. Small detail, our padel historical (the first in France) with concrete walls are, I think, essential to the practice of this event (a few stoves were stolen…).

A big thank you to our partner “Pro et Compagnie” in Saint-Pée-sur-Nivelle who gave us magnificent trophies, stoves of course, which we have labeled. Thank you to all the friends of the Central Sport Club and the Tennis Club Luzien who made this first edition a great day of padel friendly as we like them! Can not wait for next year."