It's sometimes cruel, but it's sport. France will not be represented in the final table of the 2016 team padel world championships in Cascais.

In the ladies, France had to beat Mexico to get out of the hens ... But Mexico seemed slightly higher on all of its games. If the French champions, Clergue / Casanova, won their match having played in 2e position, Ginier / Collombon and Sorel / Godard could not bring this point to propel France towards this final table composed of the best teams in the world.

3 arrivalse from their pool A, the French will still have the opportunity to qualify directly for the finals of the next padel world championships by winning their 2 next steps. It starts tomorrow against Chile.

In gentlemen, there are many regrets. In this group C considered a very homogeneous group, France had the weapons to leave at least 2e of her hen.

First against Paraguay, seeded No. 1 of the group, against which she loses 2 1 with including this match Moreau / Ritz very close to winning his match. First regrets ...

After beating Belgium 3/0, France attacked Italy who had taken 3/0 against Paraguay a few hours later. France was therefore moving forward confident despite its great mistrust of one player in particular: Marcelo Capitani. And she will be right.

The Ritz / Moreau pair play in 1 against the Italian pair Cervelatti / Spizzica. This is a real disillusionment. Despite the robustness of this pair, the French pair seemed to have the weapons to prevail. But here it is: The Italians gave a lesson in opportunism to the French who nevertheless had the opportunity in the 3e set to take the break several times ... But the Italians made us the Italians: Little opportunity, but it works anyway! Cervelatti / Spizzica was very solid, very few faults with a calm game. Defeat of the French: 6 - 2 2 - 6 6 - 4

After this difficult defeat to digest, it was Lapouge / Mannarino's turn to enter the arena to try to equalize a match everywhere. But in the arena, there is a magician: Marcelo Capitani. Almost alone, he manages to thwart the French pair who really have nothing to be ashamed of. Despite a clear playing strategy, (playing everything on Verginelli, Capitani's partner) and a very solid French pair, it was not enough. And yet ... in the second set, France leads 4/0, a double break in the pocket ... But again Capitani was in ambush once again to play us a lesson in padel and talented to perfection. France's final defeat: 6 - 3 7 - 5.

The last match will not be played because there was no longer any issue.

For the men, as for the ladies, it will be necessary to quickly return in the race because France will play matches of rankings with particular 9e place to go to allow the men's and women's teams to qualify directly for the finals of the next team paddle world championships.

France will meet the USA. It avoids Portugal released 3e in the death hen with Spain and Brazil.

Franck Binisti - Padel Magazine


Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.