Tennis can be played on grass, clay, hard surfaces, etc. but to padel, only one surface is used among the pros (and in the vast majority of clubs): synthetic turf.

Au padel, the courts are always the same, but that does not mean that the conditions are similar from one tournament to another. Indeed, altitude as we saw recently, but also the heat, the humidity, the fact of playing indoors or outdoors or even the balls used will mean that from one competition to another, we can have very significant changes. But for Miguel Lamperti, whom we interviewed recently, we would have to go even further:

"I think that'we should have a circuit with slow tracks, fast tracks and tracks “normal". This would allow, like tennis, that everyone can have a chance to win, depending on the conditions.

For example, if there are 20 tournaments per year: 7 on fast tracks, 7 on slow tracks and the others on tracks “normal“. I think it would be amazing for the padel and that would show that the best pair knows how to play in all conditions."

Would you like to see faster or slower carpets for drastically different conditions from one tournament to another? We are waiting for your opinions!

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