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Padel European Championships: On the road for a hat-trick?

Back on a big day for the French teams at the European Padel Championships in Rome. Review of this day of Thursday where team games and semi-finals of the Open tournament were mixed. A day to keep in the anal for the French padel.

France is still in the running to win the European Padel Championship by nations for both ladies and gentlemen. But in addition, our French Collombon / Ginier reaches the final of the Open.

The last group matches are played this Thursday to find out which teams will finish in the first places, opening the doors of the semi-finals.

In the men's category, Italy faced Poland and logically won 3 matches at 0, finishing first in the pool.

The team of France overcomes the Netherlands, 3 / 0 and also finishes first of group.

Great Britain beats Germany 3 matches at 0, positioning itself first of pool.

San Marino builds the Monaco team in the decisive 2 game at 1.

In the women's pools, Italy builds the Netherlands 2 matches at 1.

France confirms its top spot by winning its last pool match 3 / 0.

In the Open game, the semi-finals were played on the central.

  • Ernesto Moreno and Gonzalo Rubio reach the final by beating in three sets, the third in tie-break, the pair Barahona / Gonzalez.
  • Jorge "Coki" Nieto and Matias Marina also won their semifinals without too much trouble against German Tamame and Andres Britos.
  • The first ladies semifinal matched Alix Collombon and Jessica Ginier against Chiara Pappacena and Giulia Sussarella. Victory of the French.
  • Finally the day ended with Laura Clergue and Lea Godallier facing Marta Talavan and Veronica Virseda. The Spanish reach the final in two sets.

Friday, to watch live, the semi-finals by teams and the men's and women's finals.

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