When opening the field of padel Auteuil gate, this Thursday, June 10, the Director of padel at the FFT first made an exhibition.

He then confided in the microphone of Lorenzo Lecci Lopez to give us the broad outlines of the policy of padel during these internationals from France.

Arnaud Di Pasquale first explained that he was proud to have succeeded in bringing padel during the fortnight. This track of padel ephemeral is currently installed on court n ° 5. Go take a look if you're in the area!

In these times of end of covid, the restrictions still remain, but le padel is the only activation that has been preserved for this RG 2021. Proof of the importance of this discipline in the eyes of the new team of the FFT.

The former tennis player also noted that the padel would be present again in 2022… and the following years! New themes will be introduced for give more scope to the activity from next year.

Finally, the Director of padel made us an important announcement! From September there will be a fixed land all year round! Great news!



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